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It's a given that custom cakes should look amazing but at BriefCakes we also believe they should taste amazing. With over forty cake flavors and thirty filling options you're sure to find something you'll love.  Don't see your favorite flavor? No problem custom flavors are always welcome just let us know what we can make for you.

Pound Cakes
Vanilla * Yellow * Rum & Spice * Chocolate

Sponge Cakes
Classic Sponge * Chocolate * French Hazelnut * French Almond

White Cakes
Classic White * Strawberry Cream * Coconut * Key Lime * Pink Champagne * White Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate Cakes
Classic Chocolate * Chocolate Spice * White Chocolate Creme Brulee * Triple Chocolate Fudge * Thin Mint * White Chocolate Sour Cream * Autumn Chocolate Spice * Chocolate Buttermilk * Chocolate Rasin Cake * Peppermint Cream * Chocolate Orange * Chocolate Hazelnut Cream

Yellow Cakes
Classic Yellow * Cappuccino Cake * Cinnamon Swirl * Raspberry Peach

Butter Cakes
Classic Butter * Peanut Butter Cookie * Peanut Butter Silk * Caramel/Vanilla  Vanilla Butter * Lemon Yogurt * Almond Butter * Cocoa Raspberry Marble

Specialty Cakes
Red Velvet * Strawberry Lemonade * Orange Dreamsicle * Butter Pecan * Pumpkin * Italian Cream * Pumpkin Spice * Peanut Butter * Apple Spice * Carrot

Butter Cream Fillings
Chocolate * Vanilla * Strawberry * Raspberry * Blueberry * Pumpkin * Banana * Peppermint * Almond * Butter * Cookies n' Cream * Peanut Butter * Lemon * Brown Sugar * Chocolate/Coffee * Cream Cheese * You dream it we can make it...

Premium Fillings
Fudge Frosting * Chocolate Cream Frosting * Fluffy Meringue * Lemon Butter Frosting * Rum Fudge Frosting * Peppermint Frosting * Orange Cream Cheese Frosting * Chocolate Hazelnut Cream * Lemon Frosting * Hazelnut Frosting * White Chocolate Frosting * Cocoa Cream Cheese Frosting * Raspberry Preserves * Blueberry Preserves * Strawberry Preserves * Chocolate Ganache * White Chocolate Ganache * Chocolate Mouse * White Chocolate Mouse * Key Lime Curd * Coconut Cream Cheese * Raspberry Cheesecake Mouse

Sinfully Delicious Combination's
* White Chocolate Raspberry cake with White Chocolate Frosting
* Key Lime cake with Key Lime Curd and Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting
* Pink Champagne cake with Raspberry Cheesecake Mouse
* White Chocolate Creme Brulee cake with Brown Sugar Butter Cream
* Chocolate Rasin cake with Rum Fudge Frosting
* Peppermint Cream cake with Peppermint Filling & Chocolate Frosting
* Chocolate Orange Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting
* Chocolate Hazelnut Cream cake with Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Frosting
* Cinnamon Swirl with Cream Cheese Butter Cream
* Lemon Yogurt cake with Blueberry Preserves and Lemon Frosting
* Almond Butter cake with Hazelnut Frosting
* Cocoa Raspberry Marbel cake with Cocoa Cream Cheese Frosting

* Chocolate cake with Cookies N' Cream Butter Cream & crumbled Oreo Cookies

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